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Rates / Certificate Upgrades / Fee Philosophy:

All sessions are the full stated length. 

Rates include discount for payment at time of service:                            

        $85.00      One Hour

       $100.00     One and One-Half Hour

       $130.00     Two Hours

Notepayment expected at time of service.

            Full rate for services not paid in full at time of service:

            $35.00      per unit (15 minutes)

Certificate Upgrades:

Do you have a Certificate for a massage, but want a longer session?  No problem, upgrades are always available.  Please let me know when you book your session.  Fee for upgrade:


You have

 a certificate for:

You want 

a One Hour session

You want a 

One and One-Half Hour session

You want a 

Two Hour session

One Half Hour




One Hour




One and One Half Hour





Fee Philosophy:

I feel that the healthful benefits of massage should be available to everyone, not just to those who can afford massage as a luxury.  As much as it might suit me to provide massage gratis, I have an obligation not only to myself, but to my fellow therapists as well and I’ve tried to set my rates to recognize my experience and skill and be fair to everyone.

Would you benefit from massage, but feel that you’re not able to work it into your budget?  Are you not getting massage as often as needed because of the expense?  Please let me know and we’ll see if we make arrangements that work for both of us.

Many of my clients value their massages higher than my posted rate.  Not only is this flattering, it helps me feel more comfortable providing a reduced rate for those who need it.  I’m extremely grateful to my clients who pay me more than I ask.

I treasure all my clients and look forward to working together with you to improve your well-being.



Ana Snyder, L.M.T.

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