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I understand first-hand the challenges of functioning with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.

A few years ago, while healing through a MRSA infection, I started experiencing a whole range of strange and unexplained symptoms and difficulties.  After a false start with my (then) family doctor who had no idea what to make of my situation, I was extremely fortunate to be be properly diagnosed and get solid advise and direction to help me with the management of my condition.  I'm grateful that the rheumatologist and my current family doctor respect and encourage my intention to manage and treat my condition as naturally as I'm able.  I'm also grateful to my TCM practitioners and all my caring and supportive friends and colleagues.

What does all this mean to you as my massage and bodywork client?

I understand that every day is a new set of challenges for those with Fibromyalgia and it's accompanying conditions.  

I understand that there is no set protocol to working with folks with these issues.  Some days light and even off-the-body energy work is about as much as you can handle.  Other times, you'll be able to tolerate and will want gentle, deep work to release bound up fascia and trigger points.  

Some days you'll want your session to help energize and motivate.  Other times you need to just relax and intend for your session to help you get a decent night's sleep.

Whatever you need at any given time, I'm here to work with you to achieve your goals.  I also understand that you may benefit from more frequent sessions than you feel you can afford.  I'm here to work through that with you as well.  Just talk to me. 

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